2021 CBD Pet Trends To Look Out For

CBD has been a hot topic in recent years. The market has been growing at a breakneck pace.

However, this expansion has not only remained specific to humans but has also roped in pets. Yes, the benefits of CBD can now extend to the domain of your furry friends too. From Cannabidiol pet treats like chews etc., to CBD oil itself, there are many methods applicable to introduce your pets to the benefits of all-natural Cannabidiol.

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more pets have been reportedly getting adopted.

More than 84.9 million homes (or 67% of the total population) own a pet, according to a National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the APPA (American Pet Products Association).

With such massive stats at a continuously growing rate, it makes sense that the CBD market expanded at just the right time to cash in.

As a result, major CBD brands are now launching CBD products claiming to cure many common ailments found in pets. The CBD pet market is rapidly growing. In fact, many analysts estimate the CBD pet market to grow to $125 million by the year 2022.

What Is The Difference Between Pet CBD Oil And Human CBD Oil?

Aside from the difference in the dose administered, there is no difference between human or pet CBD Oil. However, according to the FDA’s law, each of the separate species’ product packages must be labeled respectively.

Aside from that, CBD pet oils may also have added flavorings to make them more appealing to dogs.

Now, if you’re wondering, can humans take pet CBD oil?

Yes, both the oils are interchangeable, provided that you have no qualms with the additional flavor added in for animals.

However, before exchanging, it is vital to have a gloss over the ingredients to make sure there is no THC.

Where To Buy Pet CBD?

You can procure Pet CBD from anywhere online. However, it would help if you educated yourself on some factors before moving in for the decision.

Due to no regulations currently in the market, there are many CBD products for pets out there that contain substances that can be harmful to the animals it is supposed to provide help to.

One such example of a substance is THC. Some Cannabidiol pet products contain THC, which is known to be lethal to both cats and dogs.

And the worst part? Most of these substances aren’t even included in the labels of the products. So you wouldn’t even know whether you are giving your pets the right stuff or not.

A simple way of avoiding such harmful ingredients for your pets is to opt for Cannabidiol products with a certificate of analysis.

Furthermore, in the case of CBD, then the cheaper option isn’t strictly better, but it is worth choosing the alternative for your precious furry friends’ safety.

Moreover, for your pets who aren’t fans of the oil itself, there’s even the option of CBD pet treats. These CBD pet treats are like the pet alternative to Cannabidiol oil like CBD gummies for humans.

CBD Oil For Dogs

With the popularity of CBD extending over to the pet industry, so did its benefits for our furry friends. Out of all pets, dogs especially have several ailments that can be cured by CBD. One such example can be using CBD oil for dog seizures.

It is also for this reason that most prior CBD pet studies have focused on dogs.

What Does CBD Oil Do For Dogs?

While not much concrete evidence has been found, some factors point towards some of the positive effects that Cannabidiol oil can have on dogs.

According to a study conducted in 2018, it was found that CBD can increase the activity and comfort levels of dogs suffering from osteoarthritis.

Another study also pointed out that CBD could help reduce the number of seizures epileptic dogs went through.

Other than that, Cannabidiol oil can also be used as the right product for dogs due to their powerful painkilling and anti-inflammatory abilities.

CBD oil also has powerful anti-anxiety, anti-nausea effects. It is also known to stimulate a dog’s appetite, and there are also potential anti-cancer benefits, although these are yet to be proved.

Which CBD Oil Is Best For Dogs?

  1. Holistapet

    Holistapet is a company based in the United States. Their products are regularly tested in their labs, and a veterinary board even advises them.

    They produce premium CBD oil with no gluten, dairy, GMOs, or other preservatives or additives. Their products are created, especially with the health of the pets in mind.

    Their company products are all tested beforehand (this is the certificate of analysis I pointed out before) to ensure that each product contains the correct ingredient and number of cannabinoids.

    The best part is that their test results are all made available on their website to gain the consensus’s full approval.

    Holistapet is a reputable company that strives for the health of the pets its products are meant for, and it is no other factor that truly makes them the most popular and best CBD oil for dogs.

  2. Nuleaf Naturals

    Founded in Colorado in 2014, Nuleaf Naturals’ oils are made from naturally grown hemp sourced from traditional American farmers. Their blends are made using very sophisticated C02 extracted methods. The company has only released one oil up to date but focuses on CBD gummies too.

    Nuleaf Naturals’ products are all made organically with no preservatives or additives, making them an excellent option for your dogs.

    Nuleaff also makes sure its third-party lab results are made available on its websites to gain public approval. Nuleaf is a good option when you’re considering CBD for pets.

  3. Pet Hemp Company

    With a very moving backstory, the Pet Hemp company’s oil is made wholly in the United States. Their products contain no amount of additives or preservatives, neither any dairy nor GMOs.

    Their products are made specifically for dogs, and the company takes pride in the fact that the products they supply are made entirely from natural ingredients.

    While the Pet Hemp company does not display its lab results to the public, its products are still tested with a very high standard. This ensures that their products are fit to be consumed and do not contain any harmful chemicals.

  4. CBDistillery

    Founded in Colorado, CBDistillery has continued to remain true to its principle of producing premium quality, affordable US grown, hemp CBD products.

    The company has been through a lot of growth and strives to educate people about the benefits of Cannabidiol for pets.

    Their products contain hemp seed oil, which helps dogs indigestion. They offer full-spectrum CBD oil, which, although it might work quicker, also has 0.03% of THC (while this might seem an insignificant amount, it is still something to consider).

    Their products are rich in pure CBD, and their lab results are available for any person to see by scanning a QR code supplied with the side of the product itself.


Cannabidiol is definitely a robust and among rapidly growing CBD Pet Trends in the pet industry today. While it is only in its initial stages and there is a lack of studies to back its claims up, the use of Cannabidiol in pet products is sure to rise.

CBD has lots of advantages for our furry friends. In fact, the true potential that Cannabidiol has for them has still been left untapped. As time progresses and more light is shone upon the matter, CBD will continue to become a giant trend in the pet industry.

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