5 Tips For Adding Cannabis Edibles To Your Holiday Menus Safely

With the festive season being around, you will probably want to have your guest lists and holiday menus ready well in time. Since this year is going to be different in terms of smaller gatherings and fewer outings, it makes sense to look for new ideas to spice up the parties. Adding cannabis edibles to your holiday menu can just do the trick if you are looking to make things exciting this Christmas and New Year. But before you serve pot brownies to your guests, you need to follow an edibles-etiquette to make the experience safe and enjoyable for everyone. Here are some tips that can help.

Prepare the guest list wisely

If you are eager to have weed edibles at your party, be sure to prepare your guest list wisely. Invite only ones who are past the legal age for using cannabis, so a party with kids is a no-no. Steer clear of people who wouldn’t be comfortable with the whole idea because they can possibly spoil the fun for the others. You can surely invite your open-minded friends, but don’t coax them into trying unless they are ready.

Let everyone know your plans

Even as cannabis is legal in the country, some people aren’t still convinced about its value beyond recreational use. If your guest list has some people with the stereotyped mindset, make sure that you don’t give them a last-moment shock. Let them know that you plan to throw a cannabis-inspired party this season. Try to debunk the myth for them and if they still aren’t convinced, assure them that there will be a separate menu for those who don’t want to try the experience.

Unleash your inner chef

While you can easily buy edibles from a dispensary menu, it is always good to wear a chef’s cap when you throw a party. Find some cool recipes depending on your culinary skills and get working on your menu. Mix up classic pot brownies, make marijuana candy, or bake some cookies to welcome your guests with a sweet treat. You can also infuse weed in the main course and starters if you have more experience as a chef. Just make sure that you use it sparingly because you would want the guests to be stoned.

Avoid mixing with booze

If you plan a weed holiday menu this year, consider ditching alcohol and sticking to mocktails and soft drinks instead. Cannabis and alcohol can make a hard-hitting combination, which is difficult to handle unless you are a seasoned user. Also, make sure that your guests do not consume edibles straightaway because edibles do not work well on an empty stomach. So serve some appetizers before you bring on that part of the menu.

Plan an overnight stay for the guests

Cannabis users should not drive after consuming it because you may get implicated for driving under the influence. If you have a weed menu on the cards this festive season, plan an overnight stay with your guests. For those who want to go back home, let a sober guest take the driving duties or book a cab for them.

As a rule, don’t overload your edibles with weed because it is easy for the guests to gorge and overeat. Serve only small portions, and make sure that your guests take second helpings only if they can handle them.

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