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  • Only company in North America to have developed a product line of hard pills for a variety of cannabinoid and terpenoid blends
  • Holds a Cannabis Standard Processing & Sales for Medical Purposes License, a Cannabis Research License and an Industrial Hemp License from Health Canada.
  • Tablets expected to be released this year

What Canntab Therapeutics does:

Canntab Therapeutics Ltd (CSE:PILL) (OTCMKTS:CTABF) is dedicated to the research and development of oral dosage formulations of cannabis.

The company’s delivery system treats a variety of ailments by delivering a uniform dosage of medicinal cannabis extract. This includes extended-release, immediate-release and bi-layered tablets.

Canntab is the first to offer medical cannabis in pill form and its suite of products continues to grow. The company’s goal is to become a global leader of research in, production of and education about hard pill oral dosage therapeutic cannabis.

The tablets are intended to treat disorders including post-traumatic stress disorder and arthritis, and they can also act as a pain management and appetite loss drug for patients undergoing cancer treatments.

Compared to smoking and edibles, Canntab tablets can deliver precision dosing and more stability, all with no taste or smell, the company said.

How is it doing:

In February, Canntab received a patent covering its proprietary cannabidiol formulations in Canada. The patent, which has a priority date of January 23, 2017, expires in January 2038.

Canntab now has patent protection in Canada and the US, according to the company’s legal counsel. The company won its first US patent in September 2020.

Currently, the company is designing a study looking at providing greater bioavailability through a blood level study at a third-party clinical research organization.

To help the company progress in 2021, the company raised almost C$1.6 million via a private placement of convertible debentures.

Last year, the company launched its suite of hard pill products in Australia with its partner CANN Global Limited. CANN Global, through a management partnership with Medcan Australia Pty Ltd, received an import permit and placed an initial order for Canntab products.

Looking ahead, the company has a variety of tablets slated for release this year.

Inflection points:

  • Instant release CBD, THC and CBD/THC tablets expected in Spring 2021
  • Oral dissolving CBD tablets expected in Spring 2021
  • Extended-release CBD, THC and CBD/THC tablets expected in late 2021

What the boss says:

Canntab CEO Larry Latowsky said in a recent press release that Canntab is well-positioned in 2021 after receiving a Canadian patent for its proprietary cannabidiol formulations.

“Intellectual property is at the root of our value proposition and, having been granted our first Canadian patent and our second patent overall in less than five months, further confirms our leading position as the go-to company for precise dosage and pharmaceutical grade tablets for the medical market containing THC, CBD or any combination of THC and CBD,” Latowsky said.

“We are particularly pleased with the opportunities that are being presented for us to provide solutions to the USA market with the anticipated regulatory changes contemplated by the Biden administration, which we anticipate will allow us faster access to the largest medical cannabis market in the world.”

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