CBD Isolate (powder) for Dogs

Hi there!

So I’ve recently bought CBD isolate from BuyMellow for my elderly dog dealing with arthritis that I want to mix with MCT oil. I want to make sure I get the dosage correct, but am finding so many different resources and answers, so I’m hoping that I can kind of narrow it down here with either people’s experiences, or where they found their answers.

He’s a 40lb corgi, and one site I found said that for that size of dog, the low dose would be 4mg, medium dose would be 10mg, and high dose would be 20mg. We are going to aim for the medium dose eventually.

I have 3g of the CDB isolate in powder form.

What are people’s experiences with making tinctures out of powder form? What ratios did you use? How would I go about making a tincture so that I can start out giving him the low dose for a week or so, and then up the dose if needed, without making a new batch?

Thanks everyone! Sorry if any of these are dumb questions!

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