Digging Deeper into Cannabis Extracts

Looking to learn more about cannabis extracts? Extractions from the flower can be processed into many concentrated forms. These allow a user to experience cannabis in different ways, providing unique experiences.

Here’s the breakdown for a few additional forms of cannabis:

  • Kief refers to the trichomes or crystals that cover the cannabis flower and contain a large number of active terpenes and cannabinoids. When you’re looking for that extra kick, kief is a strong additive to cannabis flower.
    • How is it made? You can make it yourself! When grinding up dry flower using a three-chamber grinder, kief is separated from the plant and found in the bottom chamber. We sell grinders in our dispensaries too! Just ask a patient service associate to see our selection next time you’re in store.
    • How should I consume it? Kief is a great addition to a fresh bowl pack of flower or it can be put into a one-hitter type of piece.
  • Distillate/Vapor cartridges are cannabis-infused oil-filled cartridges. Vape carts provide a smooth experience and are useful when you’re on-the-go or looking for discreet use.
    • How is it made? This extract is processed an additional time for further refinement of the cannabis oil, stripping out unwanted terpenes and cannabinoids. This ensures the product has the desired outcome of CBD, terpenes and other properties.
    • How should I consume it? Vape cartridges attach to a battery, usually in the form of a “pen”. Some distillates come in a vile that can be used sublingually or added to a recipe for that extra flavor when cooking or baking!
  • Tinctures are a sublingual cannabis-infused liquid that usually come in a glass bottle with a dropper. They’re best for a discreet, subtle experience. Tinctures are a popular option for people looking to consume using smokeless methods. Dosage is typically lower than other forms of cannabis, allowing a consumer to easily manage its effects.
    • How is it made? Similar to extracting cannabis oils, the process making tincture involves using a solvent to extract terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant combined with extract oils like olive oil and grape seed oil.
    • How should I consume it? Tinctures can be considered an edible because it’s a liquid that is typically dropped under your tongue. Tinctures are absorbed best this way for a quicker effet, but can also be dropped into beverages like coffee, tea or smoothies.
  • Rosin is a potent, gooey substance as a result of melting flower, kief or hash. If you’re looking to take it to the next level, dabbing is a strong option to help elevate your experience.
    • How is it made? Rosin is produced using heat and pressure. There are heat presses made for this purpose, or some have said hair straightening irons work well too.
    • How should I consume it? Rosin can be consumed using a dab rig or glass bong with a small nail that is heated with a butane torch. It can also be vaporized in a battery-operated “pen”.

Everyone’s body and mind react differently to cannabis and we all have different tolerance levels. Thankfully, cannabis can be consumed in many ways through many different forms. There are a number of benefits and positive effects of consuming and medicating using cannabis.

Just remember – when you’re trying out new products, whether a newbie or a veteran, go slow with a low dosage to start. Experiment to find the sweet spot that results in your desired experience.

And, don’t forget: we sell vape pens and other accessories at all of our Massachusetts dispensary locations. Just ask one of our patient service associates to see our selection next time you’re picking up an order!

DISCLAIMER: Consume responsibly. Product supply may vary. Please check our menus for an updated list of inventory. Rosin is only sold in our New Hampshire ATC locations.

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