Enlighten announces AdSuite, new self-service ad buying platform

Enlighten Ad Suite

Enlighten Ad Suite

Flexible, budget-friendly and effective platform now available for SMBs to seamlessly promote products to cannabis consumers in store, on-the-go or at home.

Los Angeles, CA. – Enlighten, the leading provider of technology solutions and marketing services to better understand, navigate and reach cannabis customers throughout the entire customer journey, announced the availability of AdSuite, a new self-service ad buying platform for SMBs.

AdSuite’s all-in-one cannabis-specific marketing platform makes it quick and easy to buy, manage, and measure advertising campaigns. Enlighten uses consumer and location data to seamlessly power campaigns across multiple advertising channels; providing clients with a transparent view into the effectiveness of each campaign so they can not only identify, attract and retain new customers, but also make educated decisions on where to spend their money, unlock new opportunities that increase profitability, and help them gain competitive advantages in the market.

For businesses, the start of the new year has always been a time to evaluate how and where to spend marketing budgets to achieve optimal ROI; and with the challenges COVID presented last year, including budget cuts and changes in consumer purchasing behavior, cannabis companies had to adjust their marketing strategy to get their messages in front of the right audiences no matter where they were – in-store or online,” said Jeremy Jacobs, CEO at Enlighten. “This meant cutting traditional ad spending and re-allocating those funds to digital, which requires resources and creativity to get around the restrictive rules from digital platforms like Google and Facebook and individual state laws around marketing cannabis.”

We know Enlighten well and we’re excited to be one of the first users of the AdSuite platform. Our team is always looking for more seamless ways to manage our ad spend.” said Nicole Kennebeck, Marketing Director of Willie’s Reserve. “The flexibility and simplicity of the AdSuite platform make using it a no-brainer for any company, small or large, at any stage of their business.”

Large cannabis companies, as well as non-cannabis companies looking to reach cannabis consumers, use Enlighten’s enterprise-grade technology, trusted data, transparency and custom marketing solutions to influence and navigate the entire customer journey; from creating brand awareness and driving foot traffic into the store, to guiding the in-store experience, influencing purchase habits and increasing basket sizes once they are in the door. With today’s announcement, Enlighten is supporting small and emerging brands in the cannabis space, oftentimes without in-house marketing teams, by offering a simple and effective self-service platform.

Enlighten AdSuite benefits and features include:

  • Affordability: Get Exactly What You Pay For. Businesses can advertise and run campaigns at any price point with no commitment or contract making it especially attractive to SMBs with limited budgets. Our Cost Per Impression (CPM) model means advertisers only pay for ads displayed. No more fixed cost and hoping for the best.
  • The Power and Control To Customize Campaigns To Meet Business Needs. Choose from inventory across all advertising channels including mobile, desktop, and in-store. In addition to cannabis publications and websites, Enlighten AdSuite provides access to mainstream premium publications, websites and apps. Customers can also schedule campaigns to specific dates and upload creative content directly.
  • Track and Focus On Specific Marketing Goals. Whether it’s building brand awareness, increasing foot traffic, retaining current customers or driving average basket transactions, AdSuite is designed for SMBs to reach their specific marketing goals.
  • Real Time Results. Once a campaign is started on the platform, real time campaign analytics are shared allowing customers to manage live campaigns directly on the AdSuite

To Learn More About Enlighten AdSuite visit AdSuite.io.

About Enlighten
Enlighten provides technology solutions and marketing services to help clients identify, attract and retain new customers, and unlock new opportunities that will increase profitability and help clients gain competitive advantages in the market. Enlighten is the only technology provider offering services that span the breadth of the customer journey and enable clients to reach and influence consumers both inside and outside of the retail environment. Enlighten has a track record of supporting large, complex cannabis companies in their operations across the U.S., providing small and emerging companies with flexible and cost-effective options, and guiding non-cannabis companies looking to reach the cannabis consumer.

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