Have there been any studies researching temporary psychosis caused by marijuana?

I’m asking this because I witnessed somebody go into a completely psychotic, blacked-out state from smoking a dab and I was wondering if there was any research showing that there are certain people who can react in this way. Here’s the thing: I’ve been smoking weed/hanging around people who smoke weed for 6 years now, and I’ve smoke with many, many people. I’ve seen people get super paranoid, and I’ve seen people “green out,” where they just need to lay down on the couch for a half hour to unwind. I’ve also had many experiences where I was too high and was just super anxious.

I have never seen anyone completely lose their fucking mind off half a dab hit. This guy was aggressive, he force-kissed my friend, started saying the n-word over and over again (???), and he kept calling us assholes and hurling other insults at us. We took him home, and he texted us at 3am saying that he had just come down and didn’t remember anything. I should also mention, this guy is somebody who you’d meet and think they’re kinda hippyish, and he is the kind of guy who seems very sympathetic and politically correct, yotta yotta yotta. Has anyone else had an experience like this??? Or does anybody know of any research showing that this sorta thing could happen? We’re thinking he was on something before he got there, but he says he wasn’t on anything else. What do y’all think?

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