Havn Life Announces Strategic Clinical Trial Partnership with HealthTech Connex Inc.

Ryan Allway

February 2nd, 2021


Havn Life Sciences Inc. (CSE:HAVN)(OTC PINK:HAVLF)(FSE:5NP) (“Havn Life”), a biotechnology company pursuing standardized extraction of psychoactive compounds and the development of natural healthcare products, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with neuroscience and technology leader, HealthTech Connex Inc.

Upon approval of the Company’s Licensed Dealer application, the Company’s subsidiary, Havn Labs, will be a preferred psychedelic supply partner for future clinical trials launched by HealthTech Connex’s Centre for Neurology Studies. In addition, HealthTech Connex will promote Havn Life’s library of naturally derived compounds to its other clinical trial partners and be a preferred partner for the execution of Havn Life clinical trials.

As an innovative company working to bridge the gap between research and real-world applications in advanced brain care, HealthTech Connex has been a pioneer in the field of brain research since its founding in 2013. The British Columbia-based organization uses technology, clinics, and clinical trials to translate neuroscience innovations into improved care for a variety of neurological conditions.

The partnership is a significant milestone for Havn Life, representing the company’s first clinical trial execution agreement. Establishing this link with HealthTech Connex also enables Havn Life’s own researchers to draw on the wealth of neuroscientific and technological expertise that HealthTech Connex brings. President and Chief Scientific Officer of HealthTech Connex, Dr. Ryan C. N. D’Arcy, is an established international leader in neurotechnology and neuroscience innovation. Dr. D’Arcy has led large health technology clusters, successfully brought brain technology products and services to market, and attracted more than $85 million in competitive research and innovation funding through prominent academic roles within Canada’s top universities and the National Research Council of Canada.

In 2019, Health Canada approved the NeuroCatch Platform, a class II medical device developed by HealthTech Connex that conducts a rapid 6-minute scan to measure and report on cognitive brain function. Researchers use this technology to gain insight into a range of common neurological conditions, including concussion and brain injury; dementia and neurological disease; post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and mental health; and brain performance and human optimization. Given Havn Life’s deep commitment to the study of PTSD and human optimization, along with its focus on the Veteran community, the partnership brings significant benefit for both organizations. Havn Life will assist HealthTech Connex in expanding the use of NeuroCatch technology to psilocybin clinical trials.

“We’re thrilled to enter into this strategic partnership,” noted Tim Moore, CEO of Havn Life. “HealthTech Connex is a leader in the science and technology of brain health. NeuroCatch technology will be able to provide objective and sensitive cognitive brain evaluations that are otherwise not available to researchers. By supplying their clinical trials with our naturally derived psychedelic compounds, we’ll learn a tremendous amount about the applications of these compounds in several key areas of neuroscience and mental health.”

“Havn Life is at the forefront of extracting quality-controlled, naturally-derived psychedelic compounds. We’re fascinated by the therapeutic potential of these compounds across a wide range of cognitive and mental health applications, so it was essential for us to find a rigorous, science-driven supply partner like Havn Life,” said Sonia Brodie, VP Services at HealthTech Connex.

With a steady supply of Havn Life’s quality controlled compounds, The Centre for Neurology Studies at HealthTech Connex will be able rapidly and objectively evaluate changes in cognitive brain health in order to continue leading the way in the clinical science of brain health and human optimization.

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