How to deal with a neighbor who harasses you for smoking weed.

The other evening at around 9:45-10:00pm I just got home from work and went to sit on my front porch to smoke some bud before bed. I suffer from anxiety and insomnia so it helps me relax.

An older man stood on my lawn and started calling me names and screaming at me to stop smoking marijuana because it “stinks up the neighbourhood”. He stood there tormenting me until I was inside my house. I’m frankly scared and don’t know how to handle confrontation like that.

I live in Canada, Alberta so there aren’t any laws prohibiting me from consuming on my own property. I have zero idea how I should proceed from here. I don’t want to be afraid to smoke weed and be bullied by that man again… and I most certainly don’t want to have to smoke indoors because thats disrespectful to the family upstairs. Should I call law enforcement next time?

I’ve lived in my basement suite for a year and a half now and have had no issues whatsoever with any of my neighbours or the family that lives above me. The lady upstairs had a 17 year old whom I’ve seen smoking weed outside as well.

I live directly across from a school zone so I try and wait to blaze until after school hours and usually later in the evening so there aren’t any children around. If anyone has any advice on how to handle this in the future that would be super helpful!

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