How To Get On The HempList Podcast | Best of 2020 Video

In just the first few weeks of the Hemplist we’ve already had an amazing dozen or so episodes. There’s been good laughs, the occasional tear, and always something to learn from the Hemp & Cannabis professionals found on the Kush Marketplace.

For all the latest Hemplist Episodes, try Podcast apps like Spotify, or this Playlist on YouTube (Linked Here)

Want to Get on the Hemplist?

With only about a dozen interviews out we’ve already gotten well into the thousands of views across YouTube, Spotify, and other podcast platforms allowing us to keep the show going. Now we’re opening it up to you!

Want to be on the next episode of the HempList? Anybody with an interesting story in the Hemp & Cannabis space may qualify to be on The HempList with Chase Nobles.

All previous HempList guests have been users, and most have earned their appearance on the podcast for Free as part of an Upgrade to the Annual Premium Membership on If you’d like apply for The HempList, and save $200 per year on Premium features, just let us know by emailing [email protected] with a brief description of your business.

OR we do also offer Sponsered HempList podcasts, that can be purchased with no membership required. The sponsorships vary and come in packages ranging from $500-$2000,membership discounts may apply. Sign up Here

2020 Highlights & Best Of Videos

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Or View the Latest HempList Episode here (#12)

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