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This month we have @Southdagrowda

I got started in the black market in South Dakota and ended up leaving state to Oregon/California around 2014⁄2015⁄2016 and learned from a few growers who came and started growing 15-20 years ago.

I started breeding my own strains (fruit Rollupz, invader zim) late 2017 with a friend in California, it was just for us at first but I felt the need to help everyone out who can’t fi nd quality geneti cs for cheap.I grow to help the people who helped me when I was a young gun in school.

I wanna be able to give back to the state that made my love for cannabis a real thing, I also wanna be here in South Dakota when they decide to go medical/red and leave this prohibit on era behind.

Jah bless.

Images by: @Southdagrowda

Written and Published By Bethan Bee Rose Weed World Magazine Issue 146

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