Legalizing marijuana for adult use is associated with an increase in workforce productivity and decrease in workplace injuries, according to a new study partly funded by the federal government.

You’re not wrong.

That said…

This kind of argument is essential. We’ve been making the other one for generations with very little headway among certain parts of the population. We’re not going to convince them with appeals to reason, or humanity, or racial disparities in the application of drug laws.

They need to see the budget surpluses legalization creates. They need to see the the booming tickers on cannastocks. They need to see increased productivity. They need to see the fucking money, because they are soulless cunts.

We have to make ALL the arguments, because not all people are swayed by the same kind of information and unfortunately we need their votes to make progress. Making appeals to the corporate improvements caused by legalization is just another tool to be used.

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