Natural Remedies to Help Alleviate Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be one of the most frustrating and tormenting things a person can go through, and anyone who deals with chronic pain understands the urgency to find a treatment that helps alleviate pain. While your doctor has probably prescribed all that they can to help, there are also methods and treatments you can use to help reduce the amount of pain.

Hot/Cold Therapy

Both hot and cold therapy can alleviate pain. If you’re going through a particularly painful moment, consider putting an ice pack or a heat pack on the affected area – for example, if your back is playing up, lie down on a hot water bottle for a short period. You can even switch between hot and cold, leaving a cold press on for thirty minutes, and then switching to hot, and then back again. This can dramatically reduce the pain felt and is particularly great for sports injuries.


One of the greatest natural medicines out there, CBD can help alleviate pain as well as de-stress you. The best thing about CBD is that there are little to no side effects, so you can take this medicine rest assured that you won’t have any ill effects and can simply enjoy the therapeutic benefits for the mind as well as the body. Take a look at Nuleaf naturals coupon if you want to find the best CBD on the market, ensuring you only buy the highest-quality to alleviate your chronic pain.


Exercise doesn’t just take your mind off the pain, but it can reduce it. Like other treatments, you may not feel the benefits straight away, but over time exercise is known to relieve pain. Endorphins released during a work-out are a natural pain relief, so you can get your body in shape while alleviating your chronic pain symptoms, on top of promoting positive thinking.


Turmeric is constantly referred to as a ‘superfood’ and it is not difficult to see why. Along with all of its other benefits (including how well it goes in a curry), it can also help alleviate chronic pain. Tickle your taste buds as well as reducing your suffering, and throw a little turmeric in more of your recipes.

A Warm Bath

This one is both simple and one of the most pleasurable luxuries in the world. A warm bath can help you sink into relaxation while the warmth alleviates the pain you are feeling. If your symptoms are playing up, run yourself a hot bath, pour some essential oils in, and let the stresses of the day escape you.


Meditation is a practice used in many cultures to help promote mindfulness. This is extremely beneficial for pain relief – when we control our emotions, we can control our reaction as well as our bodies, and shut out the pain that is calling to be heard. It takes a fair amount of practice to practice meditation well, but spending as little as five to ten minutes a day will help improve your mentality and physicality overall.

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