Some guilt(Please help)

Hey all, I may be overreacting, or maybe all of this time in the pandemic has really taken its toll, but please help me out.

I’m 17, and at the beginning of the summer, I got my own weed pen, after trying it with some friends at a party for the first time. I quickly became addicted without realizing. I would smoke every day, and would go to a guy to get some more when I ran out. This continued for five months, and I started to really hate the feeling it gave me, I felt sad and disconnected, so one day at the beginning of December, I threw it away, and have only done it once at a friends house since. I never intend to to it again, since I can now see the effect it had on me, and how it has affected others I know.

Smoking weed is very out of character for me. I’ve always been referred to as a very nice kid, who would never even think about touching something like weed. My family would be so disappointed to find out I continued to do it for so long, as it would no longer be considered as “experimenting”. Even doing it at all would disappoint them greatly. I know it’s probably not necessary to tell them, because I’m probably overthinking like usual, but I’ve been feeling really anxious lately, and I’m worried that maybe the marijuana side affects have maybe taken a late toll since I continuously did it for so long.

If anyone can give me any sort of peace of mind, it will go a very long way that you can’t even comprehend. Thank you.

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