Some medical marijuana patients say pot is harder to come by since recreational sales began

It has been about a month since recreational marijuana sales began in Arizona, but there are concerns that increased demand for marijuana will take away from those who need it for medical reasons.

Officials with local dispensaries say they have plans in place to make sure that they have enough marijuana in stock for those medical patients, but currently, the demand for recreational is way up, and some medical customers are having a hard time getting what they need.

Officials detail plans to satisfy medical, recreational marijuana demands

“We prepped, we bought what we thought was gonna be three months’ worth, it ended up being one month‘s worth,” said Raul Molina, CEO of Mint Dispensaries. “Anything under 100mg just flew off the shelves.”

Molina says they have since stocked up, and their goal is to serve medical patients within 10 minutes and recreational customers within 30.

“We want to make sure they are taken care of,” said Molina. “We want to make sure they have their medicine, that there is no shortage.”

At Harvest Dispensary, separate lines for medical and recreational customers have been created, while also allowing them to order online ahead of time.

“We looked carefully at what other states had done, and it looks like we predicted accurately what the demand would be for products,” said Steve White.

Some patients say medical marijuana now hard to come by

Some medical marijuana patients say they haven’t run into any trouble getting their medicine.

“I’ve always gotten whatever I need when I went to the dispensary,” said Chalette Lawrence.

Others, however, say it’s been quite a challenge. Ellery Griffin says she had to go to three different dispensaries.

“I am glad it is legalized, but it has made it way harder to get it,” said Griffin.

Griffin thinks more should be done to accommodate those who need these products for medical reasons.

“They should make, like, medical places and have recreational instead of doing both, because that just makes it so much harder for people like me, who actually need it,” said Griffin.

Company officials are asking people to be patient, as they continue to stock up and work out their programs.

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