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For centuries, we have been using plant products for their healing capabilities, and one company that has created a range of products that help people with problems with sleep, pain or anxiety is Cibdol.

Using the phytocannabinoid, Cannabidol or CBD, it has produced a range of oils, creams and serums in its CBD Oil and CBD Beauty ranges that can help manage those with long-suffering – and often debilitating – health complaints above.

CBD lives in the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant and has many health benefits. According to the Cibdol website, it is a “truly fascinating and powerful natural chemical company” which is getting scientific credit now, more than before.

Completely legal now in many countries, CBD’s popularity is growing because it lacks harmful side effects.

Taking CBD, daily, can:

Relieve pain – it is said to reduce pain perception for certain types of pain, e.g. neuropathic pain. Scientific tests are looking into the receptors in the nervous system to better understand this.

Boost heart health – a study published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology reports that “CBD has direct actions on isolated arteries, causing both acute and time-dependent vasorelaxation… A common theme throughout these studies is the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect of CBD”. CBD even plays a role in blood health, helping the white blood cells, platelet aggregation, and even helping to maintain a steady blood sugar level.

Help reduce day-time fatigue – A study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that those medicated with CBD experienced less day-time sleepiness. CBD has been found to help keep the user alert throughout the day, even after some sleep deprivation.

Reduce anxiety and stress – Cannabinoids have been used to help reduce stress and increase relaxation for centuries, now preliminary and early human trials back up all the anecdotal evidence stress. CBD has also recently been found to help patients with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Keep skin healthy – CBD has been shown to reduce the production of lipids in skin cells, reducing the severity of oil production. For those suffering from skin conditions such as acne, it can offer a way to help manage the condition. At the same time, it can increase the output of sebum, preventing dry skin.

Customers of Cibdol, who regularly take CBD products (whether it’s in oil form or in a beauty cream or serum), are keen to tell others about their experience. In fact, on review site Trustpilot, Cibdol has an overall score of almost 12,000 reviews.

A spokesman from Cidbol explained why people should try these products out for themselves: “From as long as human been around they have been using plants for their healings benefits and only recently we have discovered a new way to use the hemp plant for their unique abilities. In the form of an oil we have created a powerful boost for human wellbeing.

“Follow millions of people that have come before you and experience for yourself.”

To discover more about the benefits of CBD, or to find out more or order a product from Cibdol, visit the website here.

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