Switzerland’s model project for cannabis legalization to start in 2022 – Imports Prohibited

Hanf Magazine reports… on a cautious start . It is Switzerland !

A model project for the legal distribution of cannabis will start in Switzerland in 2022. Adults aged 18 and over should be able to buy cannabis in pharmacies from next year. The Federal Office of Public Health enables several corresponding projects in Zurich, Basel, Geneva and Bern. The cities are cooperating with law enforcement and law enforcement authorities.

The number of participants is limited. A maximum of 5,000 residents per city are allowed to participate in the experiment. Potential interested parties must have their permanent address in the respective municipality and be of legal age. They must also be experienced in using cannabis. Participants receive an ID that certifies participation in the study. Only a certain amount may be dispensed per month and per purchase.

Cannabis comes from Switzerland – imports are prohibited

The cannabis used comes from Switzerland. Which products are offered in pharmacies is decided by each project for each city itself. The price should be based on the black market price and also be adjusted to the active ingredient content.

Cities must submit a detailed plan to participate in the model project. The experiment should last five years and serve the purpose of gaining scientific knowledge. The legal basis for this is the experimental article, which expands the Narcotics Act and is to come into force in May 2021.

Source: https://www.hanf-magazin.com/politik/schweiz/schweiz-modellprojekt-fuer-cannabis-legalisierung-soll-2022-starten/

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