This is weird

I’m laying here in bed watching a show and it’s very obvious to me that I’m high right now. But the problem is I only put about a small drop of indica cbd/thc oil (for vape I guess) under my tongue around 1-2pm this afternoon and I don’t know WHY it’s hitting me at 9pm right now while I’m drinking tea. Idk if the tea stimulated this in any way or maybe the l-carnosine vitamin I just took too? This is weird to me and I was wondering if anyone can confirm this as normal or what the hell is happening. I literally can tell I’m high and I’m like scared because i feel that state of confusion and disconnect from my surroundings, and I did not feel this way earlier and I felt completely sober up until this hour!!

Update: I wish I could feel like this every night naturally. I want to cry for my future self after this wears off I know I’ll be depressed again!!

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